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Receive a commission transfer every month

Advocate reward program

We share our fees with  business opportunities providers

You are in the BPO industry 

Your company has  not the matching resources and you don't want to lose a lead.

Particular language or skills, project size, price requirements, location have projects out of your scope. Do not waste the opportunity, monetize your leads.


You are a technology provider

Your clients may need an appropriate contact center  provider to successfully implement your technology.

Support your client to find the fitting human ressources partner to ensure the project implementation sucess.

Your have the information of a contact center project around you.


Highlight your knowledge of the sector, offer an operational and reliable service provider sourcing solution and receive a commission as fair compensation for your intervention.

Fill the form and we will handle the project

Every contact can be turned in an opportunity

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Advocate reward programm

You are
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