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Our mission

Our mission is to support our clients in selecting and managing their BPO partners to optimize their customer experience and reduce costs.

Our Services

    Customer Experience Improvement and Cost Reduction Consulting

Our experts help you identify the ideal partner tailored to your specific requirements from hundreds of suppliers.

    Personalized Partner Selection
We advise you on the best locations and assist in choosing providers with the culture, size, skills, and language resources that match your needs.

    Comprehensive Partnership Support
Once the suitable provider is selected, we support you throughout the partnership to ensure successful collaboration.

Our Expertise

    Rigorous Call Center Evaluation
Our experts have evaluated over 100 call centers across 5 continents, simplifying your search for BPO providers.

    Optimized Selection Process
With our database and the expertise of our contact center specialists, we streamline and expedite your search for BPO providers.

Why Choose Us

By leveraging our services, you gain personalized support and recognized expertise to transform your BPO operations into a powerful performance driver.

Contact us today to discover how we can help you achieve your goals.

Who we are 


We are in the Contact Center industry for more than 25 years.

Philippe LEGAL Outsourcing Solutions Europe founder was CEO of outsourcing companies ranked in the French top 10.

His professionnal experience on the outsourcer side is essential to support buyers in their sourcing process.

In that purpose, he has built a team of experienced  sourcing consultants  based in Paris, Barcelona and Malaysia.


En 2023, the team expanded with Natalia, a digital transformation specialist who launched our digital department , assisting advertisers and contact center partners in integrating solutions that combine AI and human elements to enhance the augmented customer experience.

In less than five years OS became the leading  European contact center sourcing and management advisory firm.

The team

We have searched, selected and vetted contact centers to make you  both save money an enhance customer experience

Our contact center network in 5 continents

We can support you make more  secure and smooth all  the customer journey  from acquisition to retention

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