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Outsource your Operational Management

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A team of experienced operational managers dedicated to your transformation, development, or Customer Experience optimization projects.

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Your Operational services

Notre expertise se concentre sur le coaching et le management de transition pour les fonctions opérationnelles de la relation client.

De l’accueil à la fidélisation, de la conquête au développement commercial, nous accompagnons vos managers dans l’action.

Our expertise focuses on coaching and interim management for operational customer relationship functions.

As management experts, we agilely adapt our stance according to the objective pursued, the timing, and the situation experienced:

  • Consulting = providing keys and best practices

  • Assistance = helping with implementation

  • Mentoring = guiding through experience sharing

  • Coaching = fostering the emergence of solutions

  • Interim management = leading change, reorganization, growth

We offer genuine personalized support to develop the skills and talents of local managers, serving their professional goals.

Our managerial support involves the direct supervisor (N+1) of the local manager being supported.


Our Team



From the 1990s at Canal Plus to the 2020s at DKV Mobility, Patrick Finaltéri has trained and supported hundreds of agents and managers in contact centers across various contexts: B to B and B to C, Multichannel, Integrated Services and Outsourcers, Reception and Customer Service, Sales, Telemarketing, Hotline, Customer Service Administration, Back Office, and more.

Co-creator of the board game "Parcours Gagnant" on best practices in Customer Relations and producer of a mini-series of 10 videos on managerial practices in Customer Service, he has focused on supporting team leaders and floor managers.

Drawing from this wealth of accumulated experiences, he has designed a hybrid and modular managerial support program of approximately 3 months, which enhances efficiency and accelerates learning.

Use cases

  • Making CRC a Major Player in Relationship Marketing and Commercial Development: Communicating the stakes and desired transformations, aligning attitudes and evolving the target skills of the teams, revising and adapting monitoring tools, and developing commercial skills.

  • Challenging the Conquest Approach to Boost Internal Teams: Communicating the expectations and results of the provider, aligning internal objective levels, creating challenges that involve competition between internal and external teams, organizing workshops to share best practices, and cross-experiencing among team leaders

  • Absorbing Call Peaks Over a Defined Period and Improving Call Flow Forecasting Tools: Calibrating the expected additional call flow and necessary resources, defining interactions with existing teams, training new resources and supporting their ramp-up, monitoring the operation, and adjusting the setup if necessary

  • Subscription Diagnosis: Retention requires knowing your customer beyond their contact details... We help you collect key elements that bring your offer/product closer and integrate these elements into your CRM: database qualification, pushing the best product = subscriber satisfaction, peace of mind for the teleadvisor... Complete customer database.

Manager de transition


With 20 years of expertise in project management and customer satisfaction, Marie-Line have led teams and strategic projects in major groups such as:

Canal Plus: transforming the CRC (Customer Relationship Center) from a focus on support and subscription management to a strategic CRC in relational marketing, emphasizing upselling, cross-selling, and retention.

Free (ISP) she created the customer loyalty program from scratch and deployed it across the brand's internal and external centers.

Her career has allowed me to develop strong skills in change management, team reorganization, and process optimization.

Her 360° vision enables Marie Line to unite related departments and ensure a holistic approach to customer relationships. As an Interim Manager, she is convinced that the symmetry of attentions is essential for a team’s success.

Accustomed to working with teams of all sizes, from outsourced call centers to internal agencies. Mentoring, support, and problem-solving are her daily motivations.

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