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Looking for a contact center?

Select it through our 3-step process 

We reach out to you to analyze your needs and launch the search of matching vendors in our  database


We recommend for free the call centers that are tailored to your criteria among more than 100  providers that we have vetted


Satisfied clients in different industries and  locations 

We are proud to offer to our clients 


Years of experience


Assessed Parners


Continents delivered





Our recommendations are at no cost for you*

*In some cases regarding contact center  consultancy for example, steering strategy,  particular search, RFP, inhouse contact center assessment, project management,  location strategy  or other particular request ...we propose consulting missions, charged on a daily basis 

Our policy is to be transparent. The vendors are charged for our pre sales services.

All our partners are equal for us in terms of financial conditions, that warranty our objectivity to advise one or an other.

As we know that our clients are mature we are confident that they are able to assess the technical relevance and the pricing competitivness of our recommended partners. 

On the other side our partners are aware that we connect them with serious clients for whom their solution is  fitting their requirements.

At the end, they save time and money and can therefore propose very competitive pricing.

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