call center assessment

7 essential criteria to consider when evaluating a call center

  • Location:

In-shore or offshore? in which countries operate for your European customers? Centralized multilingual site or partners in different countries?

Determine the right cocktail  to find the "Right Shoring".

The choice of the location of your call centers is a strategic issue.

  • Agility and flexibility

It is essential for a a outsourceur to have a strong agility and give you the flexibility to provide you with the capabilities at the right time. That's why our partners are all midsize companies.

  • Specialization:

What is the experience of the provider in terms of knowledge of your industry and service delivered (inbound, outbound, customer loyalty, telesales...)

  • Social responsibility  and corporate culture:

The cultural proximity  is essential to establish a long-term partnership. Respect for people and social regulations and commitment to social responsibility are a guarantee of respect for your customers

  • Production capacity  :

It is essential that the partner  has the capacity to meet your needs, including scalability, without that represents a too large share of its business (economic dependency).


  • Performance management tools and quality monitoring:

What online tools offers the partner to facilitate monitoring of the production and control the quality transparent manner (listening, double listening quality calibration ...) without you being drowned by tens of Excel tables and Copil.

  • Human Resources Management

What is the HR policy, recruitment management incentives, training and method of compensation offered to employees. By decoding the reporting and reward mode in a company we identify priorities which will be induced in the process for employees. Beyond the tools, technologies and process quality, your customers will be satisfied and goals achieved if employees are trained and happy in their job.